The Executive Committee of ICAR is elected from and by members of the Standing Committee, with due reference to maintain an appropriate geographical spread of representation.

Each member is elected for a term of office not exceeding eight years; with the exception of the Secretary General who may be re-elected for a period of up to sixteen years.

The President’s term of office is normally four years.

Current Executive Committee

Position: Member:
President Professor Fulvio Gandolfi (Italy)
Vice President Professor Matt Lucy (USA)
Secretary General Professor Simon de Graaf (Australia)
Executive Committee (Ordinary Members) Professor Pietro Baruselli (Brazil)
Professor Peter Hansen (USA)
Dr Pascal Mermillod (France)
Dr Lulu Skidmore (UAE)
Professor Ann Van Soom (Belgium)

Past Presidents of ICAR

Period Served: Member:
1948-1961 N. Lagerlof (Sweden)
1961-1972 Th. Stegenga (The Netherlands)
1972-1976 Ch. Thibault (France)
1976-1980 N.O. Rasbech (Denmark)
1980-1984 J.A. Laing (U.K.)
1984-1988 M. Parez (France)
1988-1996 W.C. Wagner (U.S.A.)
1996-2000 S.J. Dieleman (The Netherlands)
2000-2004 S.D. Johnston (USA)
2004-2008 W.W. Thatcher (U.K.)
2008-2012 H. Bertschinger (R South Africa)
2012-2016 P.J. Hansen (USA)

Past Secretaries General of ICAR

Period Served: Member:
1948-1964 T Bonadonna (Italy)
1964-1980 J.A. Laing (U.K.)
1980-1996 S. Einarsson (Sweden)
1996-2016 G. Evans (Australia)