Simmet Prize

Dr. Gabriel Bó is the Recipient of the 2020 Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction


The International Congress on Animal Reproduction (ICAR) announces that Dr. Gabriel Bó of the Instituto de Reproducción Animal Córdoba (IRAC) in Córdoba, Argentina is the recipient of the 2020 Simmet Prize for Assisted Reproduction. The prize, which is the most prestigious award in animal reproduction and one of the largest of its kind, was given for the pioneering efforts of Dr. Bó to develop practical protocols for fixed-time artificial insemination, superovulation and embryo transfer in cattle.

Dr. Bó is currently President and Director of Research and Post-graduate training at IRAC and Professor of Obstetrics and Biotechnology of Reproduction at the Veterinary School of the Instituto de Ciencias Basicas y Aplicadas, Universidad Nacional de Villa Maria in Cordoba, Argentina. IRAC is one of the few organizations of its kind with missions in research, teaching, and clinical service including embryo transfer, artificial insemination, and gamete and embryo cryopreservation. Over 1300 veterinarians in South and Central America have received education on animal reproduction since IRAC opened in 1995.

Bó and his colleagues have developed what are now the de facto standard protocols for superovulation in cattle. Research conducted by him and his collaborators on estrus synchronization and fixed-time artificial insemination has been one of the key drivers for implementation of these technologies by producers throughout South America and globally. Together, these technologies are revolutionizing genetic selection and reproductive management of cattle.

The Simmet Prize is sponsored by Minitube International and administered by ICAR. The prize, established as a memorial to the accomplishments of Dr. Ludwig Simmet, a pioneer in development of artificial insemination in farm animals and founder of Minitube, recognizes an active research scientist for basic and applied research published during the previous six years in the area of assisted reproduction of animals. The prize is presented each 4 years and includes an award of 50,000 euros.